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*B Lakeshore Ace Roulette
N1333627 ~ DOB: 03/06/05
  ++*B SG Kastdemur's LH Full Service ~ 91 EEE
++*B SG Kastdemur's At Your Service ~ 90 VEE
  Kastdemur's CPE No Explanation 4*M ~ 84 VVE+
  *B Lakeshore-Farms Just Dandy ~ 84 +VV
SGCH Lakeshore-Farms Dandy Tangaoo 4*M ~ 90 VVEE
  GCH Lakeshore-Farms Just Tangy 3*M ~ 90 VEEE


Dam: SGCH Lakeshore-Farms Dandy Tangaroo 4*M

Sire: ++*B SG Kastdemur's At Your Service

Photos of Tangaroo and At Your Service courtesy of Lakeshore-Farms Nubians


Does ~ Nubians

CH Remuda WFA Holly's Carol
N1425503 ~ DOB: 05/102/09
Linear Appraisal: 1-01  86  +EEV
  ++B SGCH M's Sagebrush Dakota Keiran
+*B SG Wingwood Farm KR Alessandro
  SGCH Wingwood-Farm TJ Allegra 1*M ~ 91 VEEE
  *B Rizing Moon Mercury AT Sonset ~ 90 EEV
Remuda Mercury Holly ~ 84 +VE+
  SG Champagne's Sonny's Noel 1*M ~ 90 VEVE

POWERHOUSE!! That's the best word to describe this doe. Carol is big boned with a wide chest and deep body. She has a very wide rump and long neck with a beautiful head.

Maternal granddam: SG Champagne's Sonny's Noel 1*M


CH Quarter Mile Ferg-A-Licious
N1517878 ~ DOB: 03/07/10
  *B Kastdemur's Freelance ~ 82 +VA
Quarter Mile Mavrick
  CH Quarter Mile Minnie's Mulieke ~ 89 VVEE
  *B Lakeshore Ace Roulette ~ 90 EEV
CH Quarter Mile Faith's Faylin
  Hawkwind's WBJ Fancy's Faith

Although not one of our "flashy" does, Fergie is so very correct. She is very long and level with a beautiful escutchoen and lovely, well attached mammary.



Quarter Mile Ms. Kaylin
N1521809 ~ DOB: 03/07/10
  +*B GCH Remuda Winter Constellation AI ~ 90 VEE
Remuda RWC Stetson
  Remuda RJ Peggy Sue 12*M ~ 88 V+VE
  *B Lakeshore Ace Roulette ~ 90 EEV
CH Quarter Mile Mulieke's Maylin
  CH Quarter Mile Minnie's Mulieke ~ 89 VVEE

Kaylin is a very correct and level doe with a very long, smoothly extended fore udder and very correct teat size and placement.



Grow 'Em Short Acres Eureka
N1722493 ~ DOB: 02/20/14
  +*B Kastdemur's Californication ~ 90 EEE
*B Blissberry Vera's Vinny
  GCH Blissberry FM Vera Cruz 11*M ~ 91 VEEE
  +*B Kastdemur's AM Mojito
Quarter Mile Denver
  SGCH Miller Colorado 1*M ~ 91 EEEE





Autumn-Acres Nexus's Natosha
AL1720033 ~ DOB: 03/14/15
  CH Autumn-Acres Medaillion
Autumn-Acres Rise & Shine
  CH Autumn-Acres Sunny Day ~ 92 EEEE
  +*B Kastdemur's Up & Atom ~ 91 EEE
CH Autumn-Acres Strait's Nexus ~ 91 EEEE
  CH Autumn-Acres Strait ToMy Heart ~ 90 EEVE






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